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    Last update November 10, 2014

    Q: I'd like to add a comment to a page that I worked on earlier. How do I reopen a diary page after I hit "**Finished! **"?

    When you are tagging a diary page your last 10 pages are available from the Profile link at the top of the frame. Use this link to view or comment on the page.

    Q: How do I do go back to make a correction on a page I have already tagged? Why is there no back button?

    You can not change or add standard tags to a page once you click "Finished!". We know this is frustrating and we sincerely apologize - but it is a condition of us using the diary images and beyond our control.

    Q: What should I do if I encounter pages that do not belong to the unit specified in the diary's title?

    Hashtag the page with #misfiled (use the Talk Balloon icon in the upper right corner of the page near the “**Finished! **” button). In addition, please post the particulars to the "Mis-filed or Mis-labelled diaries" topic on the Questions and Answers Board so that we can request a rescan. http://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/boards/BWD000000g/discussions/DWD000091r

    Q: What should I do if I can not read a diary page due to a problem with the image? (Too faint to read, scanned sideways etc.)

    Do the best you can and add a Comment which includes a hashtag describing the problem. (#badscan, #faint or #sideways) Note: If you can’t determine the Page Type, please choose Other.

    Q: How do I create a link to a diary page so that others can see what I am talking about?

    Go to the Talk Balloon icon (near the **Finished! ** button) and click the highlighted link "discuss this page on talk". This will start a new thread with the page image shown on the left hand side of the thread. OR right click the link and select "Copy shortcut" from the menu. Now, close the "Talk Comments" box and choose Talk from the top menu. You can now right click to paste the link into the text of your post. For more information on how to cite pages in discussions please see: http://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/boards/BWD000000g/discussions/DWD0000cx8

    Q: How do I tag a "page" when two diary pages are scanned side by side in one image?

    Tag the date of the first entry at the very top of the image and the date of the last entry at the very bottom of the page. Tag information on both pages placing the tags between the two date tags. Hashtag the page with #badscan so that it is marked for special attention.

    Q: When I click "Finished" the next page I am given to tag is not for the next day - it records events that happened days later. Are pages missing?

    When five or more Citizen Historians have tagged a page it is removed from the queue to await processing. This can make it seem as if pages are missing. Compare the page number in the lower right hand corner of the page you are tagging to that of the last page you tagged. (Go to Profile and review your Recent pages. The most recent is the last.) Report missing pages by posting to the "Mis-filed or Mis-labelled diaries" topic on the Question and Answers discussion board. (http://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/boards/BWD000000g/discussions/DWD000091r

    Q: How do I use my Profile? What is the difference between the Profile I see at the top of the page while I am tagging and the one I see in Talk Operation War Diary?

    Your profile contains information about your recent activity. The profile attached to the Classify page summarizes your tagging activity and provides links to the last 10 pages you worked on. Your profile for Talk Operation War Diary tracks comments you make on diary pages and Discussion Boards. From this page you can open pages you have commented on or have added to a collection.

    Q: Why does the diary I am tagging show such a small percentage completed? I have tagged more pages than it shows

    The percent Complete shown for the Diaries is based on a count of the number of pages tagged by 5 or more people.

    Q: Should I tag diary entries that have been crossed out?

    Don't tag information that has been crossed out. Presumably it has been crossed out to correct an error.

    Q: How can I be sure that I will be able to find a page again?

    Collections provide a way to keep a personal portfolio of pages you find of particular interest. Click the Star Icon (next to Talk Balloon) while tagging a page Or click the "Collect" button in the upper left corner of an image of the diary page as you view it in Discussion boards.

    Q: Can I search comments and hashtags? How do I use search?

    Search is available from Discussion Pages. Click the Talk link from the top of the Classify page to open Talk Operation War Diary.