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FAQ – Standard Tags / Part 2: Other Standard Tags

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    Last update November 10, 2014

    Q: I am tagging the diary for an ambulance unit. Should I tag every mention of diagnoses as Army Life = Medical?

    No. The Medical option under the standard Army Life tag is for routine medical inspections and vaccinations in a non-medical unit. It is assumed that the day to day operations of an ambulance unit will be medical in nature. (To highlight important or unusual information use a Comment and include the #medical hashtag along with a short explanation.)

    **Q: ** I am tagging the diary for an Ambulance unit. Should I count the number of persons they treat and enter them as casualties?

    Use the Casualties tag for only those persons who are members of the unit you are tagging. For example, persons treated by an ambulance unit will be counted as casualties in the diary for their own unit - not the ambulance unit.

    Q: How should I tag persons who have been gassed?

    Use the Casualties tag and select "wounded".

    Q: How should I tag persons who have shellshock or another psychological condition?

    Use the Casualties tag and select "wounded" for any mention of psychiatric conditions, including shell shock, neurasthenia, war neurosis, disordered action of the heart (DAH), effort syndrome, neuro-circulatory asthenia and gas hysteria. Hashtag with #shellshock. (Go to the Talk Balloon icon near the “**Finished! **” button and use the hashtag in a Comment.)

    Q: In this diary the casualties are not listed when they occur but in a report appended at the end of the month. How do I account for the casualties?

    Choose the Report page Type. Enter the names of all persons. Count the number of each category of casualties and add this information in a Comment. (Select the Talk Balloon icon near the “Finished” button to make a Comment.) Use the #casualty hashtag and provide casualty numbers. For example: "Monthly #casualty list, xx killed, xx wounded, xx missing."

    Q: How do I enter a fractional grid reference?

    The Grid ref tag does not allow for fractional entries. Please round the number up and enter it.

    Q: When the diary for the unit I am tagging mentions the Brigade or Division that the unit belongs to should I tag it?

    Yes. Please use the Other unit tag and cite "with" or "other" for the Reason as appropriate.

    Q: Should I record times that are in the text as well as those in the Time column?

    If you think a certain time is crucial to understanding the narrative then feel free to put it in. Don't feel obliged to put in every single time.

    Q: Do I use 12AM to indicate Midnight or Noon?

    Please use 12 AM for Midnight and 12 PM for Noon.

    Q: What does "fatigue" mean and how do I tag it?
    A fatigue party or fatigue duty describes general non-military labour. Please tag as "Working Party" under the Unit Activity tag.