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working with different people on the same pages

  • linda2 by linda2

    It could be interesting if we could see that other people are working on the same pages... can save time and energy. Could not find the "relieved or relieved by" button. Has it been removed ?


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    I'm not sure how it would save any time or energy? This is how the Project is supposed to work and each page will be tagged by at least 5 people in isolation (i.e. not working together as that would defeat the object of getting 5 unique sets of tags) before it is removed from circulation.

    This is what Rob (A Zooniverse Admin) posted about this a while ago in another thread.

    "We ask multiple people to look at each page and when they have been seen 5 times we use the collective tags, and correspondence between them, to create a final set of tags from the group. Now that 5 might turn out to be 3 or even 10 over time - but once it's reached, the page is done and we remove that page from circulation (but not from Talk).

    Diary pages that have not been seen by 5 people are assigned sequentially to anyone that choses to follow a specific diary, or they are randomly given to people that do not pick a specific diary. There is no 'lock' of any sort, and multiple people can tag the same page at once without knowing it. Once a page has been tagged by 5 different people it will no longer be displayed unless the subsequent analysis finds a problem.

    The analysis is be performed offline, by researchers working at the Zooniverse, IWM and National Archives. We are starting with a repeat of 5, and if this doesn't appear to be enough then we'll increase it and many of the pages will become available again."

    I hope that makes the mechanism a bit clearer?

    As for the "relieved / relieved by" option, it was part of the "Other Unit" tag, the absence of which is being discussed here http://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/boards/BWD0000009/discussions/DWD00008qh


  • linda2 by linda2 in response to HeatherC's comment.

    sorry, didn't want to be unpolite...

    I was just surprised and had just finished a page full of names (what takes a lot of time). Wasn't aware of the fact that several people were working on the same page, but you (or Rob) are right... it is the best thing to get a complete image of a diary, we do read the same things in a different way... + I don't read the discussionboards all the time.

    I think you have a hell of a job ! This is an enormous project, the Zoom programme is fantastic (and flexibel). I'm from Nieuwpoort (Belgium, near Ieper) and I grew up with a lot of war-story's, still, very impressive to read the first hand reports,


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Hi Linda

    I didn't mean it that you were at all impolite, you were simply asking a very reasonable question 😃

    You are so right about pages full of names, I did one in which I had to type out the name of every officer in the Battalion four times in two pages!

    And it's great to hear that someone who must have grown up with much of this as part of their life is taking part. I hope you find it as fascinating as I do to read the stories in these diaries.



  • linda2 by linda2

    Oh yes, not the military strategie but the daily life of the soldiers. How the "played" with human lives..how brave all this man were.

    W.O.I. literature is a big part of my library. When I was young(er) we could pick up parts of wire and bullets in the dunes. Almost every family had their own cleaned obus in the living room... We found two bombs in our garden and that was not weird !