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  • Subject AWD0003ybe

    PARADIS possibly LE PARADIS (c. 8km N of Bethune)
    LA COMTE probably LA COMTE (c. 3.5km NNW of Frevillers).

  • Subject AWD0003yiy

    #horsescondition mention of XIII Corps Horse Rest Camp.

  • Subject AWD0003yf0

    Location - BRUAY probably BRUAY-LA-BUISSIERE (Approx 8km SW of Bethune).

  • Subject AWD0003yjv

    Location - LES AMUSIORES probably LES AMUSOIRES (10km NW of Bethune).

  • Subject AWD0003zwz

    Previous page appears to be missing. This page is 24th - 29th Apr 1918; the previous page ended at 12th Apr 1918.

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