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  • Subject AWD0003ej6

    "Push" - as in big attack. 36th Division which they were part of was taking part in 3rd Battle of Ypres

  • Subject AWD0003ecf

    I think the first date is written as "Oct 3 / 1915" rather than in the same format as the others

  • Subject AWD00036ij

    It is not a Unit diary. It's the diary of the SO (Staff Officer) for 3rd Div Troops.

  • Subject AWD00038gr

    It's Sep 1915 but if you start in the middle of a month just tag the day of the date until you get to a monthly header page

  • Subject AWD00035dw

    Marie is correct. The start of this diary already has 5 taggers and so you won't necessarily see each page

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