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  • Subject AWD00002hr

    Appears to be edited or draft version of previous page with some of the place names edited

  • Subject AWD00002ef

    Douzie not identifiable as a place on route between Maubeuge and Bavay

  • Subject AWD00002ef

    Despite his spelling, determined that location is "Quievrain" in Belgium, close to Mons. Route specified and distance covered supports this.

  • Subject AWD00002of

    His reference to Wattignies is not the district near Lille, but assumed to be Wattignies-la-Victoire not far from Hautmont, both close to Mauberge (see later reference)

  • Subject AWD00002i1

    Through separate research on the internet, particularly the history of the RAMC, cave confirmed the author to be:
    Major Langford N Lloyd

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