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#story Unusual entry by the Author of the diary of the Divisional Troops - 36th Brigade RFA.

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    From reports the Author relates the situation between the Germans and the British Troops, Sept 1914 as under - Profile page 81 - link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003vnl

    “The German Forces in the West of France at this time believed to be divided into 2 forces – German A. Army under General Von Bulow and B. Army under General Von Kluck – Corps named. A part of the 1Xth German Corps believed to be with General Von Kluck, also the remainder about Maubeuge, which was still holding out.

    All information tended to show that during the retirement, our troops were up against almost overwhelming numbers, about 3 to 1, and although suffering severely, inflicted more loss on the enemy.

    The whole fighting showed that, man for man, the British Soldier was a better Soldier than the German. Throughout this period the Germans had been making great effort to outflank the British Forces and (invade?) Paris. This great desire to bring off some great coup, on the anniversary of Sedan.

    Author refers to German troops activities. To achieve this some of the German Forces had been making forced marches of 24 hours, many of them without regular supplies for 4 to 5 days. Having failed in their attempt to (invade?) Paris, they turned South East to attack French 5th Army.

    There is little doubt that they believed the British Forces to be... (continued on following profile page 82) ...absolutely worn out but the British were far from being worn out, when it moved in conjunction with the 5th French Army.

    Author continues with some of his remarks, stating Intelligence showed German forces moving South had become alarmed when British Army turned, and that they were now hurrying North to cross the River Marne, many of the bridges being destroyed, leaving a detaining force on the River.

    PS I thought I would post this as a story to include the interesting reported information– to tag it all would have been difficult, as it was just the Author reporting on a diary page. I have tagged the 2 German Generals on Person Tags to show their names.

    Link for Profile page 82 https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003vm3