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"SCHRAMM BARRACKS ARRAS" -- still exists

  • dcortesi by dcortesi

    This location appears on quite a few diary pages. Searching the Talk pages on "schramm" turns up only one page comment. The map built into the Place tool doesn't know about "Schramm barracks", nor does the general Google Maps app. However, "Caserne Schramm" still exists: a very large brick barracks complex which was apparently recently renovated into high-class housing! Its location is "Rue Sainte Claire, 62000 Arras". See this web page: http://www.cartes-2-france.com/activites/620410032/caserne-schramm.php


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    How interesting that you found the barracks in their modern configuration!

    The geolocator--the map built into the Place tag--can't find things like barracks or farms (fermes). There are even some actual towns it can't find because they have been annexed by adjoining larger towns in the 100 years since the First World War. Or if it's a popular name, the geolocator only offers a few choices and the town mentioned in a diary may not be among those choices.