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For those wondering about missing pages....

  • Tredegar by Tredegar

    I just came across and entry for the 6th Division Divisional Signal Company and it states, "Diary for the month of June lost in post." This was for June 1916, just before the Somme Offensive so things were probably a bit busy then.


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    Absolutely! Pages (and sometimes entire diaries) went missing for a number of reasons, particularly during the fast-moving earlier phases of the war. But even during normal day-to-day operations, you can imagine the magnitude of the admin tasks involved in keeping all the constituent parts of an army at war in communication with its central functions. To be honest, I'm surprised more stuff didn't get lost in the post!


  • David_Underdown by David_Underdown moderator

    And in the hundred years since the diaries were initially used by Brigadier Edmonds and his staff for the preparation of the official histories, then transferred to the then PRO in the 60s, since when they've been handled by thousands of researchers.