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WAR POETS Seigfried Sassoon and Robert von Ranke Graves join 1 Btn Royal Welsh Fusiliers Nov 1915.

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    War Poet Siegfried Sassoon joined as a 2nd Lt. 24th Nov 1915. Later awarded the Military Cross for Bravery. "..For conspicuous gallantry during a raid on enemy trenches. He remained for 1 and a half hours under rifle and bomb fire, collecting and bringing in our wounded, owing to his determination, the killed and wounded were brought in..." In May 2007 his Military Cross was put up for sale by his family. It was bought by The Royal Welsh Fusiliers for display at their museum in Caernarfon. War Poet Captain Robert von Ranke joined on 27th November 1915. He was wounded by shellfire. After the war he suffered from shell-shock. He died 7th December 1985 in Majorca. These two poets became friends during the war. Wikipedia give all the details for these men.


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    Thanks, Marie. I actually just posted a blog entry about them this morning! http://blog.operationwardiary.org/2015/01/19/poets-at-war/