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Remembrance Day

  • calvados by calvados

    Sorry - I originally posted this in the wrong place. Mea Culpa. On 4 Aug 1918 the 1st Battalion Bedfordshires had a Church Parade, designated as Remembrance Day. I wonder what they were remembering?


  • brownfox by brownfox

    Well, 4 August 1914 (exactly 100 years ago today) was the date that Britain declared war on Germany, so presumably they were remembering 4 years since the start of the war. Couldn't use 11 November as it hadn't happened yet.



  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    I just moved the thread and had answered you there (now deleted it so we don't have two). I think Steve has it right, they were remembering exactly what we are remembering today.