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What is 'registering'

  • Stork by Stork

    The page I'm tagging says that they 'registered points.' I've seen it a few times before as well. What is registering?


  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    Registration Article on this link: http://nigelef.tripod.com/glossary.htm

    See Registration: “Adjustment for future engagement’ in modern terms, silent registration meant not shooting at the target ('silent marking' in modern terms). A registered target could be ranged or predicted. Ranged targets were reduced unless they were expected to be short-lived, such as those for a quick low level fire plan. Registered targets were always given a target number”.

    Tip for finding something in a long article: In the article if you press key Control and then the F key (Find) , a box will appear in the top right hand corner of the article. If you type in Registration, it will be highlight Registration throughout the article in yellow, you can then quickly find the reference to registration.


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    I think Marie's right - this would have been target designation. Is it a Machine Gun Corps diary?