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116,638 names tagged in first week!

  • lukesmith by lukesmith moderator

    Here's the stats from you first week of contributing to Operation War Diary, apologies for the short delay. And happy to be the bearer of such great news:

    • Week 1: Tues 14 Jan – Mon 20 Jan:
    • 104,167 pages classified
    • 116,638 people were tagged – including large numbers of Other Ranks (Privates, Drivers, Gunners, etc.)
    • 212,832 dates tagged
    • 144,021 activities tagged
    • 24, 644 weather conditions tagged
    • 148,402 people visited the site
    • 746,972 pages were viewed
    • Peak concurrent users, approx 1,000 on Tue 14.
    • 85 diaries completed in week 1
    • Approx 1 person year of effort spent on Operation War Diary site

    Read more about this over on the Operation War Diary blog.

    Thank you for this fantastic start to a great project.

    Luke (Smith), IWM

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  • simonedi by simonedi moderator

    That is pretty amazing, hopefully as word gets out we can push those numbers up further!


  • bootnecksbs by bootnecksbs

    Just glad I can add my small contribution and get to read about what my relatives and others had to endure during the Great War.