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Frustrated Newbie

  • maccer by maccer


    I just started this today and I'm finding it very frustrating. The tags seems so inadequate. Especially in signals. It seems so limiting to be unable to adequately annotate the documents and it makes me think that this will all need to be done again when they have the correct tools.

    Anybody else feel this way?




  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for getting involved. Good to have you on board.

    Unfortunately, having a tag set which would cover all the specialist activities of the various units covered by the war diaries would be unmanageable. While they're not perfect, the current tag set works well for building up a structured data set which will make the diaries easier to search, particularly when looking for named individuals. They also allow us to build up a reasonable timeline of what particular units were engaged in over the course of the war. The intention is not to capture every last detail, but to produce data which makes the war diaries more accessible to all in terms of summarising activity, adding detail to individual life stories and building up indexes and searchable metadata.

    Hope that helps,