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School projects - please have a read if you're doing one

  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Not for the first time I've had to remove some unacceptable spam from school students. I think it's great if your school / college is doing some OWD tagging as part of a project and we welcome you all of course. However, spamming rubbish in the comments and / or making silly hashtags like "I'mboredandhavingtodothisatschoolforscience", is not only unacceptable but incredibly disrespectful to the people who 100 years ago fought and died in the First World War. Please don't do it. We'd appreciate it if teachers who bring a class here to do a project could say this before the class starts. Spammers will simply get banned if we see them and that will make it hard for you to do your homework!

    Thanks for the co-operation and for the majority of class projects who come here with no problems at all, thank you for your help in this very worthwhile exercise.



  • Mariamsalem by Mariamsalem

    I totally agree- I myself am doing a university project and I apologize on behalf of any student who participated in such an immature behavior 😃


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    Thanks! And good luck with your project - let us know if we can help.