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The Essex Regiment War Diary

  • Chris_Morley by Chris_Morley

    I would like to participate in the project by working on the diary of the regiment that my Great Uncle Reginald James Morley was serving with when he was killed in May 1918, aged just 18. Is it possible to do this? I can't find the diary listed but I have obtained a copy from the National Archive so it has been digitised.


  • angiehart by angiehart

    Some of the Essex Regiments have already been tagged and completed, I know because I tagged some of them. As far as I know the diaries are uploaded randomly and you can only tag what is available. I worked on the 2nd Bn, 11th Bn and 13th Bn so these may now all be completed.


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Chris - which battalion are you looking for and we can at least tell you if it's already been done or not. Unfortunately as I think has been said elsewhere we don't control the order the diaries appear in so it's a matter of looking out for it I'm afraid.