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  • Jan_Greenslade by Jan_Greenslade

    Have come across more and more entries on the mens' health ie.
    5% have sore feet after 14 mile march to Bethune. Unheard of before winter. Suspect it was made worse by applications of Vaseline in the trenches. Will take months before they are cured.
    Men not so fit in trenches during summer as they were in winter, despite the hardships.
    Image AWD00014cr
    Is there already a discussion open on this under another heading?


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    I don't think there is.

    Of the standard tags you could use for this, I think only 'Medical' in 'Army Life' is suitable, but that doesn't really cover it in any detail.

    It's interesting info, no doubt. Perhaps another hashtag is called for! I see you've used #health , which seems to cover it. An alternative might be #medical, to tie it back to the standard tag.

    Speaking of which, I'd still use the standard tag where appropriate, so this info gets into the structured data set. But using a hashtag as well would allow us to build up searchable detail around it.