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The Point Of Ridicule?!

  • bootnecksbs by bootnecksbs

    Hi All,

    Since the beginning of this project I have liked to use the capitals in my hash tag's for any medal awards I have come across. e.g. #MilitaryMedal

    BUT, for some reason, this is no longer accepted & we have to use #militarymedal (i.e. all in lowercase) otherwise, if we click on the one with capital letters the list on the search page is empty but if we use the lowercase method we get the list of pages containing, in this case, any mention of Military Medal. (that's of course if they've been tagged at all - but that's another question)

    Why should it make any difference how it's written? If this site can accept, without prejudice, any hash tag even - in my own opinion - the most ridiculous ones, what does it matter if I use capital letters.

    This is over-policing and in the end I feel there will be no point in me using the hash tag because I'll always be wondering if someone will erase it or change it!



  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Hi Max

    To be honest I thought it made no odds if you used capital letters or not. I started a collection for all pages that used the MM hashtag and it seems to collect both versions? http://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/collections/CWDL00000f

    I don't know why clicking on the version you have used seems to show an empty page but yet when you go to the all lower case version there they all are. Maybe this is just how it works - all versions whatever case they use end up in a "caseless" version so that we only have one collection and not several?

    In any case all the pages you have carefully hashtagged ARE being collected so do not despair, there most certainly is a point to it. I agree with you about ridiculous hashtags of course - please people, stop hashtagging "mud" and "German" and "trench"



  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Further to this, it seems that this odd failure to find the hashtagged pages only happens when you click directly on the hashtagged word. Try the following and you'll see what I mean. Go to the "Search" option at the very top of the page. Type MilitaryMedal into the search box. It works and it gives you 80+ hits. Now as far as I can see, if hashtags are used in future to search the data base, this is how it will work - i.e. from a search box. So it seems that it does in fact make no odds how you write the words, they all end up gathered together in the same place.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "over-policed"? Certainly I'm not aware of anything that has been changed or erased and I've not paid any attention to whether a hashtag has capital letters or not as I thought it made no difference. So in answer to your question "Why should it make any difference how it is written?" The answer is that ultimately it doesn't, at least not with regard to capital letters or otherwise.

    Hope that helps.