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Secret orders

  • obeigh by obeigh

    I'm struggling to read quite a bit of this but it certainly looks like an interesting page. Up there in the top left corner, it says SECRET. Since it then goes on to give a list of orders it looks pretty note resting. I really couldn't make out much of what the orders were though, so I'm very curious to see exactly what they are. The first two look like orders to relieve other regiments, but that's all got. Anyone got any idea on the others?


  • ChrisKemp by ChrisKemp scientist in response to obeigh's comment.

    This is really interesting.

    I can make out the following:

    1. This is about guides being provided to a series of Battalion HQs with a series of written instructions and, by the looks of it, a detached platoon.

    2. Lewis guns, something, Officers kits (?) will be taken to the ration/patrol dump at 11pm

    3. Loading trench stores, maps and schemes of defence

    4. Something about transport officers arranging for Lewis Gun Limbers (but then the pencil must have run out or something)

    5. Quarter Masters arranging details for reliving parties (I think).

    6. Something about the relief reporting to Company HQs

    7. A request for this order to be acknowledged by 10pm.

    It's not easy to read the details, but I think that's the general gist of it.


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    Just to tie this back in to a recent discussion...I'm pretty sure that the word after Lewis guns in No. 4 is dixies.

    I just stopped in here to have a look at the threads because sometimes handwriting difficulties just stump me. I have to skip something and move on, or abandon the diary altogether or at least until another day when my eyes are less tired.


  • David_Underdown by David_Underdown moderator

    It's an order for the relief of the battalion by 2nd Bn, Worcester Regiment. Each company will be relieved by the equivalent 2/Worcesters one, but the detached platoon at Cape Bilge? "now found [ie provided] by B Company will be relieved by one platoon from A company" 2/Worcesters.

    Guides will provided to bring the relieving battalion in, one for each company HQ and one for each platoon (ie 5 in total per company), A Company to provide the guide for the detached platoon mentioned above.

    It does look like dixies in 4)


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    Dixies are cropping up everywhere! Thanks for pointing this out 😃