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Message for Stork re 2nd Btn Middlesex Regiment concerning helpful message from 141Dial34.

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    141Dial34 posted this message regarding the above diary on the talk page under Q/A 22 days ago.

    The 23rd IB 2 BN Middlesex Regt Diary of 536 pages is a bit of a mess. It starts in April 1918 goes to 31st march 1919 then at page 112 goes back to March 1918 where I am at. Page 261 goes backwards again to 1.1.18. The reports/signal pads & orders are mixed up & 2 sheets side by side to a page is also difficult. Diary goes backwards in 3 month lots -p283 is Oct 1917.Diary ends in December 1914.


  • Stork by Stork

    Thanks for that. I was thinking of keeping track of the mixed-up order and posting it so others would know about it, but 141Dial34 already did it.