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How to tag Fine but Misty weather?

  • MiraclesHappen by MiraclesHappen

    How to tag Fine but Misty weather? I went with fog as he said it made observation infeasible, so it must have been quite a mist. But not sure if should just be dull etc.?


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    That's a tricky one. Sometimes the weather reports seem odd to me, but it is probably just a misunderstanding of terminology on my part. I've never worked out how weather can be both Fine and Cloudy at the same time!

    But to your question. Fog is probably the best tag if it is also Fine; I'm picturing something like ground fog with clear skies if you look straight up. However, sometimes the Dull/Overcast/Drizzle tag seems to fit better for a comment that it is misty. You just have to use your judgment and look at the context.