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Another query re the diary of the 28th Infantry Brigade re profile page 120.

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    Diary Pages ran 27-31st Jan 1915. Then a few pages of a Letter –then profile page 120. This page just has the dates 23/24/25 but no month or year. Therefore no references to what diary it belongs to, therefore tagged it as #misfiled as did the (other person who tagged it who remarked “#misfiled this comes at the end of Jan 1915, there are no preceding or following pages, different handwriting, must go in some other diary)” ...see comments box on page 120.

    I am now wondering if this profile page 120 does belong to the 28 Brigade RFA diary and just out of order, because on profile page 120 it mentions 4th line down: “Sent off 2 sections at 7.15pm to support 13th and 14th Infantry Brigades – not required. Principal task given to Battery to shell Boussu if enemy advanced that way”. Note the following which mentions 13th and 14th Infantry Brigades reference to 28 Brigade RFA.

    Profile page 120 Link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003s3z

    1): Also an entry on profile page 110, 28 Brigade RFA mentions “14th Infantry Brigade leave area and we come under the 15th Infantry Brigade 4 June 1915” link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003s5r

    2): Also another comment I made in this 28th Brigade diary was “13th Infantry Brigade was very pleased with the effect of our firing both during the afternoon and at night. 29/30 Oct 1914”

    Just thought I would mention this to you and hope you can understand it. Not sure if these comments are helpful to you regarding the query on profile page 120.

    Conclusion: Profile page maybe part of the diary of the 28th Infantry Brigade, if not may be a page from some other Infantry Brigade.

    PS As I carry on tagging the diary for the 28th Brigade and if entries for dates 23/24/25 for any month come up, following diary of Jan 1915 I will take a note of what the entries say. If any dates are missing for 24/25/26 for the 28 Brigade RFA I will then wonder if profile page 120 was the missing page.


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    I just took a look at that page with the dates of 23/24/25. It is from August 1914, right at the beginning of the war. Dour and Boussu are to the southwest of Mons. All three are in Belgium. The 13th,14th and 15th Infantry Brigades were the 5th Division, which was positioned at those places on those days.

    I've been tagging the 5th Signal Company diary for the same time period, and they were also in that area. One of the sections mentioned signalling to a battery near Reumont, the location noted at the bottom of the page.

    I noticed when I looked at this diary that it was somewhat jumbled, especially at the beginning. Just use the hashtag #misfiled for any pages that seem out of order. It might be that some of the pages that do seem out of order or are in different handwriting might have been separate diaries kept by the individual battery commanders.