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Message for duo0081 Re reading diary pages.

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    I noticed your comment on the diary page for Divisional Troops: Divisional Train (17, 19, 23, 24, Companies) A.S.C.

    Your page link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003tio

    I wonder if the following tip will help you – The Chrome Contrast Tool which you cn download on the following link.
    Help for reading faint pages Chrome contrast tool - on link:


    If you use this Chrome tool, it will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen. When you put the mouse pointer over this red coloured circle, it will show the message - "Apply Visual Filter". Useful for changing contrast brightness etc. on a page.
    You can also use the Zooming in tool at the right hand side of the diary page which will make the words bigger. I use the Chrome Browser.

    PS You can always tag a different diary if you want to - some have easier pages to read 😃

    PPS If you go to Discussion Boards. Mess Hall/Useful Tips you will find it there also along with useful tips for tagging diaries.