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Message for abeier, re query date in the diary of 3 Cav. Division, 4th Brigade Royal Horse Artillery, which I noticed in their diary comment box

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    Sometimes diaries do not show the year, in that case you can only type in the date and month- If the date box shows a year delete the year, i.e. only type in the date and month.

    As it is only page 32 of the diary – and the diary heading shows the dates, 1st October 1914-30th June 1919, it is probably 9-8th October 1914 – The Moderator will be able to check this diary for you.

    Page link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003kb6

    PS If you have a query it is better just to go into the Discussion Board under FAQ (Questions and Answers Board / Standard Tags & Tagging) and post your question. Then the questions can be noted and answered for you. Everyone on this project is only too happy to help.


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    Welcome to Operation War Diary!

    Marie is correct in her description of how to tag incomplete dates. You can delete the year if it is not available to you, as on the page you asked about. However, you need to delete it for every Date tag on the page, as the default setting is to include the year. At this point, you cannot go back to the page and put in the dates, but do keep these tips in mind as you will likely find other cases of incomplete dates in our diaries.

    This page must be from April 1915, judging from the locations mentioned and the fact that Gen. Allenby left the Cavalry Corps in May 1915, so it can't be later a later year.

    This particular diary of the 4th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery is somewhat confusing in that parts of it are out of order. If it gets to be too difficult to sort out, feel free to ask questions; the best way is, as Marie says, by posting them on the Talk page. You can also choose another diary if you would rather try something else. There is no need to complete any one diary from start to finish, although doing so does give you a more complete picture of the unit's experiences.


  • abeier2010 by abeier2010

    Thank you, very much for your help! I am loving this project and find it very rewarding as a middle school social studies teacher!


  • erik.schaubroeckscarlet.be by erik.schaubroeckscarlet.be

    I made a copy of the diary and this page is definitely 1915. The pages out of order, mentioned by Cynthia, are orders and "summary reports" dated 1917 but sorted before 1916.