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#misfiled diary of 7th Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, 49th Infantry Brigade.

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    The Title for this diary reads 1st Feb 1916 to 31st Oct 1916 but the diary actually ends on diary page 64, for the dates 14th and 15th October 1916. Link: https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/subjects/AWD0003jfa

    This Battalion was amalgamated on 15th Oct with 8th Btn Royal Irish Fusiliers. Battalion upon amalgamation to be entitled 7/8th (S) Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers.

    Pages 65-67 were Operation Orders – last page of diary was 67 and all pages ran in sequence.


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    Thanks for letting us know, Marie! It seems like the diaries are usually labeled to end on the second to last day of the last month.