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How can I tag Daily Routine or horses?

  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    In answer to a question posed by KMP50, the only way to tag Daily Routine is by using "Other."

    As for horses, there aren't any tags for horses. The project was designed to capture information about the men who served on the Western Front, so the tags should be used for human activities only.

    However, once the project got going, there was so much interest from various taggers about the horses that several hashtags were added to The Definitive Hashtag List that cover such matters as infections, rations, casualties, and evacuating horses. These weren't really intended for use with veterinary section diaries, but rather to note these conditions in horses in other units, although I have used #horsesinfections when tagging a vet. section, along with a second hashtag naming the type of infection, such as #strangles.

    In case you haven't noticed The Definitive Hashtag List before, you can find it on the Talk page as a stickied thread. Consistent use of these particular hashtags will help researchers locate these types of information. For instance, if someone wanted to tally horse casualties through the war, he could search for #horsescasualties.