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Diaries of three separate units on one page with non-sequential dates

  • deehar by deehar

    Suggestions please ! Incidentally - how can I post an image with a query while classifying without getting directed to a FORBIDDEN board ????? This is really annoying!


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Regarding how you post to a "non-forbidden board" directly from the page you are tagging. At the moment you can't. The default board for posting from the page itself was the "objects" board which while it made sense for classifying galaxies was meaningless in the context of War Diaries. We changed the names of our boards but had to leave this one as a default board as that's how the system was set up. One of us usually spots these posts and moves them to the appropriate board. At the time we were expecting changes to be made to the Zooniverse interface that would solve this - Darren may be able to help with what the future intentions are for this?

    As for the dates - a difficult one! Just do the best you can and accept that the date sequence will look a little odd!


  • deehar by deehar in response to HeatherC's comment.

    Aha ... we are now on the right board! I will just tag the dates in the order they appear and leave the sorting-out for later! Thanks Heather.