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Can you add this to the Map ? (Tag)

  • tallymen by tallymen

    Not sure I understand how that works.
    After entering the place name (often checking google maps before) I click all around this second box (Can you add this to the Map ?) and nothing happens. The little map box stays "sky blue."
    It would be neat to see the tagged places show up on the map and give a sense of the movements.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong ?


  • wildcatjenny by wildcatjenny moderator

    Hi Tallymen,

    That dialog box is pretty complicated, I will admit it took me some time to figure how to work with it. Just for a practice run, lets put in a place name that we are sure the system can find.

    Try this... enter Paris in the Name box and then hit the return key. (Or the tab key would work too.) A list will appear in the box below (just below where it says "Can you add this to the Map?"). The first entry in the list is "None of these / not sure". The second in the list will be "Paris".

    If you click the down arrow on the right side of the list you can scroll down to several other places with similar names. This is the list of candidate matches the system has found for your input. Click on any name in the list and the map at the top of the dialog will update to show you the location of the place with that name.

    Now follow the same procedure with the name you are trying to enter. If you find the proper location make sure it is displayed on the map, mark whether or not the unit is currently in the location, and then click the green box with the white checkmark. If you do not find the proper location, highlight "None of these / not sure" instead.

    There can be a couple of explanations for why you do not find a matching location. Maybe the place no longer exists as a town or maybe it is spelled differently. Also for multiword names you might try with and without dashes between the words etc.

    Does this help any?