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Tagging Divisions and Brigades when the diary unit is a Battalion

  • deehar by deehar

    Should these larger units be tagged under "other units" ? Diary authors like to report the big picture. The options "relieved" and "relieved by" are not applicable but "with" and "other" could be OK. It is also potentially confusing when the diary unit is part of a larger "other unit". Should I avoid tying the software in knots and ignore mentions of larger groups of units?


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    I usually use 'Other unit' in this situation, 'with' and 'other' being the most common contextual tags to add. I think there's some value in preserving this info, particularly where things are happening at the boundaries between units - it might be interesting for researchers to get a sense of how rigidly hierarchies were maintained.