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Units "relieved" and "relieved by" - which is which?

  • S4Ottawa by S4Ottawa

    I'm new ... and can't see how to tag when one unit (company, battalion) relieves another. It doesn't seem to be in "Unit Activity" but I would have thought it would have been a common occurrence - I found it at least twice on my first page.


  • eatyourgreens by eatyourgreens moderator, admin

    You can tag the other unit's name as Other Unit and relieved, or relieved by, from the list of reasons on that tag.


  • lenofi by lenofi

    I just searched the talk section, and this is probably the closest topic to my question:

    when we tag Other Unit and select "relieved by" does the syntax when the tags are sorted mean the other unit was relieved by unit-whose-diary-we're-working-on OR does it mean unit-whose-diary-we're-working-on is relieved by the other unit?

    ETA: Oh boo I just realised this was not in the QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS section. Sorry, I didn't notice until it showed up under recent new recruits posts. I don't mean to make things more difficult, mods, but I'm all over the place today. eep.


  • wildcatjenny by wildcatjenny moderator in response to lenofi's comment.

    Hi lenofi - good to meet you!

    Yeah, I always have to stop and think about this too. "Relieved by" should be used when your unit is relieved by the Other Unit. If you hit the Help button in the Other unit tag it will take you to the Field Guide where you will find the explanation of each option.

    As for posting in the wrong spot... don't worry. We just try to keep things organized so that other people can benefit from your question by finding your post. No harm done.



  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Don't worry I'll move the thread to the right section. @lenofi - you should feel totally free to start your own thread. We will always combine threads if one has already been started on the subject.