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How do I handle this page?

  • brownfox by brownfox

    It's a list of all the other ranks who reinforced the 1st Kings. I was thinking I could treat it as a sort of report, which would enable me to tag each individual, but that's a lot of work if it's of no use.



  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Steve - I think you have it spot on. Classify it as a report and tag all the names. Slow I know but most definitely of use. This might be the one and only mention that some of these men get in the War Diary and speaking as someone who is trying to follow what actions individuals were involved in I'd love to find this sort of thing for the men I am tracing.

    Moved this to the "Standard Tags and Tagging" area as the part of the forum you posted is is supposed to be being deleted since we got the new set-up...


  • David_Underdown by David_Underdown moderator

    And it essenitally comes under the heading of a nominal roll, so use #nominalroll too.