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Place names - spelling mistakes/alternative spellings

  • edinflo by edinflo

    When tagging place names, should we stick to the spellings in the text? In some cases there are spelling mistakes or alternative spellings (particulary in Belgium or near the border) and this has an effect on whether it can be located on the map or not.

    For example in one diary page the place "Houtkerke" is listed, which cannot be found on the map (the only option is "none of these/not sure). However, when the place is spelled "Houtkerque", the place can be found on the map.

    Should I tag with the original spelling (which isn't on the map) or with the spelling that does give a map result?


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    I'd say use the spelling on the diary page, unless you're absolutely certain you can identify the place they mean, in which case use the correct spelling.

    We always expected we'd have to do a certain amount of post-tagging manipulation of place names to deal with mistakes in the diaries themselves, so don't worry too much if they seem a little off.

    Hope that helps!