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Demob./Casualties/Effective Strength/Transfer

  • Maria64 by Maria64

    Hi guys,
    Hoping for some guidance as to this page please as it's the first time I've seen one like this. I've done it as a Diary Page and tagged it 'nominal roll' because of all the names of men being demobilised. I found it difficult to find appropriate tags for all the information regarding casualty status, effective strength etc. because it was all in one source. Sorry if none of this makes sense. any opinions appreciated.
    Thank you,


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Firstly this is a consolidation of the month's casualties / reinforcements, etc so you could tag it as a report - problem with that is you don't get the option to tag the Unit Strength. So OK you have tagged it as a diary page. Now what?

    The most important thing is to tag all the names. We now have an option for Resigned: Discharged or demobilised under the Reason option on the person tag so use that.

    The casualties should have been covered on the individual days in the diary for the preceding month, so I would not tag them at all since if you do and they were included you are counting them twice. Only add them here if you are SURE they were not in the diary pages of the month before.

    Do not tag the re-inforcements at all.

    The only set of numbers you need to tag is the effective strength which is the Unit Strength. Our option has Officers / NCOs / ORS, this diary only has Officers / ORs so just leave the NCOs box blank. You have two effective strengths for the start and end of the month so put in two entries, one for each date.

    Hope that makes sense


  • Maria64 by Maria64 in response to HeatherC's comment.

    Thanks Heather. The next page was the same and I think I'd already done as you suggested. The Diary Page seemed better as it allowed a wider scope of tags. As you say, the names are very important. Worked it out in the end...I think! 😉