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Ambulance unit treating casualties

  • Zephon by Zephon

    So, I'm working on a field ambulance diary, and there is often mention of 'two wounded brought in' or something similar.

    Do I tag this as casualties, medical or both? Since they are not casualties from the unit itself, I have been tagging them as 'medical', as an indication for the role this unit had in the war. But now I wondered that maybe you also would like to know the number of casualties that came by, so you know how many men were treated by one ambulance unit.

    Thanks in advance!


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    I think what you are doing is correct. As I understand it, the casualties tag is there as you say for the Unit's own wounded.


  • simonedi by simonedi moderator

    sounds spot on to me! they belong to another Bn or unit, so not casualties from the ambulance unit.