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Do I tag platoons, companies and other sub-units? [No thank you!]

  • lukesmith by lukesmith moderator

    We are interested in the story of units as a whole. If a sub unit are attacking, please tag this as a 'unit activity' (it was one) but there is no need to capture the name of the sub unit. We will have data from 1.5 million pages, so sub unit data would be too granular and dense.

    Field guide: http://www.operationwardiary.org/#/guide/diary/activity


    • we are updating the field guide to include clarifications from discussions here -- thank you for them, please keep them
    • please do not be concerned if you have already tagged in different way. We take a consensus of agreed tags from several users to ensure we get a accurate results for each page. We will also do post-analysis to identify any pages that need manual review or further tagging.