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Movements that are planned but haven't happened yet?

  • Platypus5 by Platypus5

    More than once I have seen diary entries describe planned movements that haven't happened yet. They are sometimes referenced later as having been completed.

    How should I mark these?


  • eatyourgreens by eatyourgreens moderator, admin

    Hi, we're interested in gathering data on what units actually did, so I think you can ignore planned movements and just mark movements when they happened.


  • george.johnstonbtinternet.com by george.johnstonbtinternet.com

    Message pads: 1 the month is often not stated, 2 these contain a lot of information which looks like 'Orders' but the tagging options are inadequate to collect this information.


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist in response to george.johnston@btinternet.com's comment.

    With incomplete dates, please just tag what you can. If only a day is noted, then just delete the month and year from the text box on the date tag. We ought to be able to fit these into the diary later on.

    Because we're predominantly interested in capturing data on what happened, rather than what was planned to happen, the tags for message pads etc are fairly limited. If you come across info that you'd like to preserve, however, we recommend noting it in the page's comment box.

    Hope that helps!


  • george.johnstonbtinternet.com by george.johnstonbtinternet.com in response to ral104's comment.

    It does, thank you