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Artillery bombardment

  • bje by bje

    I've just been doing a page with several references to 'bombardment by our artillery'. I'm guessing this is not my unit that is doing the bombardment, but as I wasn't sure I tagged it as 'other'. What do I do if I come across this again?

    Also - where should 'attacking' be used? From the field guide it only seems to apply where there is movement to capture something. What about defensive firing, not as part of an attack - the unit is allowed to be 'under fire' but there isn't a tag for anything going in the opposite direction.


  • 123lee by 123lee

    Great question. Shame there is no answer yet.


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    This question was obviously posted right at the beginning of the project when we were getting dozens all at once. I assume that's why it didn't get answered.

    "Bombardment by our artillery". Unless you are tagging an artillery Unit taking part in the bombardment or unless the name of the Unit is given (in which case you can tag it as "Other Unit") then you don't tag it at all.

    The attacking tag has changed and is now "attacking/firing" but the Field Guide says the "firing" only applies if in support of an attack so I assume that things like an artillery unit doing defensive fire or a machine gun unit firing on fixed lines get marked as "other" under Unit Activity.