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Reports - 'page 2'

  • Mindymoles by Mindymoles

    Not sure how to deal with page 2 of a report. I'd tagged page 1 for date, author, title etc and clicked finished, then my next image to tag was conveniently the continuation of it, on page 2. However, I couldn't add a title as I couldn't remember what it was but - being pedantic - the title wasn't shown on page 2 so should I have tagged it anyway?
    So basically, how to deal with 'page 2' of reports.

    And just curious as to why so few tagging operations to be done on report pages when they seem packed with info?

    Amanda (newbie!)


  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    Hello and welcome Amanda.

    You can tag the 2nd page of the report like this, only if you have not moved onto another page.

    When you bring up the Title tag for the 2nd page it should still contain the information that you used for page 1. When you tag a continued page of a report just use the tags from the first page if they apply. Although sometimes the date will not appear on the first page but it will appear on the next or last page of the report.
    Also You can go to your *profile page and it will being up the last 10 pages of the pages you have tagged. For reference you can go back to the page in question and read it again to find the information you want). *Top line - Talk Operation War Diary - one of the heading there).

    Regarding tags on Report pages which contain information – If you want to you can refer to the Definitive Hashtag list link reference https://talk.operationwardiary.org/#/boards/BWD000000j/discussions/DWD0000d05 There are certain comments you can make from the different tags included in the list, in the comment box of the diary/or report/order page you are tagging. You do not of course need to insert comments in the box if you do not want to. By the way there are about 5 people who will tag a diary page – so if you are not sure about something, someone else will probably have tagged it.

    You will find everyone involved in this project very helpful. If you go to the Mess Hall Section, you will find a section for useful tips which may be helpful.

    PS. It is best to include in your queries a link to the diary page in question. To put a link in for a page paste and copy the reference to the page and insert the page link on your query. (top left hand corner i.e. starting AWD with the number following)

    Hope you can understand this. 😃


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator in response to Mindymoles's comment.

    Hi, Amanda, and welcome to Operation Way Diary, also referred to as simply OWD.

    Marie is correct that the tags for a Report hold their information until the next time you put in something new. This is actually true of all of our tags for all of our types of pages, I think, except the Person and Casualties tags. So, if your report had had a notation at the top of page 2, such as Con'd. or something like that, you could put the title in again. However, if the second page does not have a place to put a Title tag, you just skip that tag. In fact, if any page ever comes up and there is nothing on it that fits the tags, you can just mark it finished and move on to the next page.

    Never try to add in information in a tag that is not actually on the page. If there is no date on a report or orders, don't try to infer one. If you know that the officer in charge of billeting is Lt. Smith, but your current page doesn't include his name, don't put in a Person tag for him. Our job is to record what we see on the page. You may find, however, that you want to add more information that you feel is important; in this case, put it in the Comments box, such as "Billeting Officer probably Lt. Smith."

    The reason reports have so few tags is that they are often a summary of information included in the diary. However, if you come across a unit that does not include the details of an assault or other operation in the diary but does add a report at the end, and that report is packed with information, feel free to tag it as a Diary page.

    Do ask any questions you have. As Marie said, we are happy to help out.