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How do I classify Orders

  • TJSexton by TJSexton

    In tagging a Diary the CO reports the details of the movement and disposition orders he has received... the unit is not moving yet he simply records the reception of the orders. I don't see a tag for this.



  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    We actually don't want you to tag what is recorded in the diary about orders received. The focus of the project is on what actually happened and what the unit and men actually did.

    So when there are orders that are recorded as basically "Received orders to move tomorrow" don't tag anything. Wait to see what really happened the next day and tag that. Orders can be changed and/or cancelled altogether, and if that happens then there is nothing to tag.

    The exception to this is if the diary records both the reception of the orders and the execution of the orders together. You might see "Received orders to relieve 1st ABC Regiment tomorrow." and that is the only mention of the relief. In that case, you can tag it as the actual event.

    Orders that appear as an appendix to a month's diary, whether they are labeled as an appendix or not, can be tagged using the Orders page tag.