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Jan Greenslade - Name Query. Also information for anyone else tagging diary of 2nd Div: 2nd Btn. Machine Guns Corps,

  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    The name on the diary page which you queried for the 2nd Div: 2nd Btn. Machine Guns Corps, is Lt. Col. Buchanan-Dunlop.

    I tagged this diary all the way through (1071) pages and have comprehensive notes of places, and names of people in this diary. If you need any more help.
    Note: When I tagged this diary it did not run to form: i.e. #outoforder months. This is the way it was presented:

    March 1918 through to December 1918. Then: #outoforder April 1919 to August 1919. Month of September 1919 missing.
    Then to #outoforder 31st October 1919 (End of Diary as on the Title). Then onto #outoforder Jan/Feb and March 1919, where it ended.

    I reported all this information to Ral the Moderator (The month of September 1919 did not turn up)! When tagging I marked this information in the page comment box as I went along. Long but interesting diary.


  • Jan_Greenslade by Jan_Greenslade

    Thank you so much Marie - I'd got the Lt.Col.and Dunlop but was seriously struggling with the Buchanan.
    Dating sounds interesting, I've only reached April 1918 but await developments.
    I've been collecting names and affiliated Battalions/Brigades but if I get really stuck I may take up your kind offer for help again.
    It is a very interesting diary and the author is so succinct compared to some of the others I've tagged.
    Kind regards. Jan