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Adding additional details to names of individuals

  • MarissaKings by MarissaKings

    [I'm relatively new here, so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere!]

    I'm trying to be as accurate as possible when recording the names of individuals mentioned in reports, so I have been cross-referencing names with the IWM's Lives of the First World War database when I can. I'm finding that usually only the initials of first names are recorded in the war diaries, but in the IWM database, I can sometimes find the whole name. Should I record this extra information, or just stick to what was recorded in the diary?


  • ral104 by ral104 moderator, scientist

    Hi @MarissaKings, thanks for getting involved 😃

    Apologies for the delay in replying. If you do have additional details for individuals, and you're certain you have the correct individual, then please do add them to the tag. I tend to do the same as you in referring to Lives while tagging the diaries. However, if there's any ambiguity, it's best just to tag what's in the diary.

    Hope that helps.