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M.G Corp

  • 141Dial34 by 141Dial34

    I'm about to start a M.G diary.What do you want hash tagged?Looks like numbers of rounds fired, in what direction, tons of grid refs typed as 5B.4 1/2.2 which doesnt fit with grid ref pop-up and occasional places named.Unless its an attack is there any point in tagging anything other than whats on the hashtag list?


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    There isn't any point in tagging rounds fired or direction as some people have in the past. Unless you come across something really special then I'd stick to the list. Hashtags are to draw attention to specific issues and it's quite OK to have pages with no hashtags!

    Also there's not much point in hashtagging the common weapon systems that the unit would have used all the time or in tagging the type of shell unless it's something really unusual - for example "shrapnel" isn't worth a hashtag