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Raiding & Attacking

  • Jan_Greenslade by Jan_Greenslade

    What is the difference between Raiding and Attacking. Unsure which to use when tagging a company's movement.


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    A raid is usually carried out by a small group of men who go out to get specific information or achieve a specific aim and then come back to their previous location before the enemy can respond to them.

    An attack is usually a much larger affair, involves multiple Units and usually aims to take ground from the enemy. The intention is usually to move the line forward, not to come back to the previous location. Hence when they are forced to fall back to their starting trenches (as happens all too often) you see them say the attack failed.

    Does that help with the specific instance you have?


  • Jan_Greenslade by Jan_Greenslade in response to HeatherC's comment.

    Thank you Heather, yes. Regards, Jan