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Two days missing from 6th Welsh diary

  • caromj by caromj

    I'm currently tagging 6th Welsh diary June 1916-Aug 1919. Tagged entry for 26th Aug 1916 and when I clicked Finish, it skipped to 30th Aug 1916. I know it sometimes skips to another part of the diary but it is usually a larger gap and a new month. I know entries exist for 27th and 28th Aug 1916 as I have my own copy of the diary. Have these pages gone missing or was this a mini skip?


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    You can tell by looking at the page numbers the system allocates. You can see pages you recently tagged in your profile link at the top of the classify page (not the one at the top of the Talk page which is different). Scroll down to "recent pages" and when you click on one it will open and give you a page number. If the two pages you mention have sequential page numbers then the dates you mention are missing. If they don't then it was a "mini skip"