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Why is the current batch of diaries progressing so slowly?

  • hendersondonald by hendersondonald

    I'm sure it's not my imagination. The latest batch of diaries is progressing far more slowly than previous batches. Why is that? Have the Easter holidays reduced the time people have? Are they wearying? Were they all school students who are now preparing for exams??? My own theory is that people are waiting for the volunteer divisions to come on stream.


  • bootnecksbs by bootnecksbs

    After completing over 3200 pages I have become disillusioned and angered by the way I have been treated with utter disrespect by someone here who believes they are above everyone else in both their knowledge and stature.

    I was enjoying my experience here but I see no point in continuing at the moment.

    As for your point ref; students etc I think you could be correct and it will be interesting to see if things "pick-up" during "holiday" periods, after graduations etc or when, as you suggest, the Volunteer Divisions are uploaded.

    Happy Tagging!


  • Poodle by Poodle in response to bootnecksbs's comment.

    I'm so sorry to see this message Max. Your reply to my message about cavalry ranks was so helpful. Is it a (male) moderator who has offended you? If so you should let them know, as it will put volunteers off. This project is too important to lose people like you.