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[FEATURE REQUEST] I want to finish the page I was last on.

  • King_Edward by King_Edward

    Lost my page when laptop closed down (overheated!), want to go back and finish but I have been moved onto the next page...


  • Zandra by Zandra

    I must say I have had the same problem as Stripedcatty Cant get back to the page I started so another one came up. The weather was cold and snowy but the tag showed dry and sunny couldnt change it at all Then a blue screen covered half the page. I would like to help but am discouraged


  • lukesmith by lukesmith moderator in response to King Edward's comment.

    We see this is causing some users frustration, and we are investigating.

    There has been lots of discussion of this and the related issue of going 'back' at;



  • newbie5798 by newbie5798

    Came to chat page to see if I could get a query answered and when I went back it told me the diary was finished! What happened to the page I was on?


  • lukesmith by lukesmith moderator in response to newbie5798's comment.

    The diary has been completed. We agree that we could improve how we explain this. And we will.


  • pawcards by pawcards

    It's a real pain when suddenly the page you are on, disappears. I was just inputting another unit's name & hit the tick box when it all disappeared, when I managed to get back to a diary page it was a new one, I was so looking forward to finishing that page as there were casualties to record and I wanted to put in the author's name - Major R M Stewart-Richardson as it rounds everything off. Please please let us go back one page if nothing more.


  • lukesmith by lukesmith moderator in response to pawcards's comment.

    I agree that we could do things differently in these cases -- or at least explain them better. On the case, but please be patient!


  • Picardy by Picardy

    I think context makes tagging easier so apart from just being able to go back to check spelling and dates it would be good if you could read pages of the diary that you are working on that have been tagged by someone else.

    I don't know how you are managing multiple people tagging the same page but wouldn't it make more sense to have them doing it collaboratively at the same time? In that way you would also allow us to share our various skills / knowledge (war history, geography, French etc.)


  • paratsoukli by paratsoukli

    The inability to retrieve pages is really dispiriting. I was working on a difficult but interesting page, and posted a comment about it. Then I was unable to get back to the page I was transcribing. I was presented with a totally different unrelated page. I am an experienced transcriber in several different fields, and I really enjoy this, but it's no good if the website will not cooperate.


  • RS_57 by RS_57

    Definitely need a [Back] button. Moved on to another page to find the year on the previous page should have been 1916 rather than 1915


  • ECDC by ECDC

    A back button would be SO helpful especially since sentences do not always end at the bottom of the page, and carry on overleaf.


  • Spilmeister by Spilmeister

    Any news on being able to go back to page . I was half way through and being a new user didn't know i couldn't go back. Was busy looking on goolge maps for the location. Please can this be possible. I am really interested in doing this


  • Sylphide by Sylphide

    Yes, I hit finish by mistake and couldn't go back..


  • Grandadgrumpy by Grandadgrumpy

    I'm struggling to go back on a particular page that I have been working on, all I end up with is a new totally unrelated page and totally different events. I enjoy doing this, and become absorbed into the events being described but become very disheartened when I am unable to retrieve or follow the events of a unit. Also is there a search facility to trace a particular unit that I have been tagging. Many thanks for the opportunity to become part of a unique experience. Grandadgrumpy


  • HeatherC by HeatherC moderator

    Sorry but you can't go back to a page once you've pressed finish 😦

    Not sure what you mean by tracing the unit you have been tagging? If you mean search their tagged diary then the facility to search the records isn't online yet but we hope it will be very soon.

    If you mean go back to tagging that diary then just click on the "Diaries" link at the top of the classification page and it takes you back to diary selection. If they are not still there then the diary is complete. If they are then just reselect it.