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  • Stork by Stork

    In the 3rd line, what is Cabt? There has also been Spanbroek Cabt.


  • marie.eklidvirginmedia.com by marie.eklidvirginmedia.com

    Kruisstraat Cabaret is a place.

    Also mentioned in this Article Re Battle of Messines.

    See under the Battle of Map of Messines. Link:


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    There were several cabarets in the general area south of Ypres that have turned up in the diaries. I've also found some on trench maps. They tend to be at crossroads. Cabarets in Paris at this period were like clubs with food, drink, and entertainment.

    I tend to think that the ones in the farming communities south of Ypres were probably less exciting and offered far less in the way of entertainment.

    During the war, of course, many of them suffered shell damage and possibly shut down while their owners left the area, but the army used them for headquarters, billets, etc.