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A Touch of Humanity

  • cyngast by cyngast moderator

    I thought I would share this page because there is a remark that is not only interesting for what it tells, but also for what it shows us about the men in the trenches.

    In the second entry, for the 22nd, there is a comment that "Five Germans watched one of their own dogs playing between their front line and their wire." It caught my attention because the men of both sides, the Germans and the British diary author, were drawn to this little bit of normal activity in this very strange land.

    The land in question is the area around the Double Crassier west of Lens.


  • erik.schaubroeckscarlet.be by erik.schaubroeckscarlet.be

    I had a diary once (also from a artillery brigade) that noted the sighting of a fox.


  • cyngast by cyngast moderator in response to erik.schaubroeckscarlet.be's comment.

    I remember when you posted that, Erik.

    Many of the private diaries of men in the trenches that I've read elsewhere mention the birds going about their normal bird business with all the war activity going on around them. These signs of normalcy seem to have caught their attention.